Our Products


Mirt Stoves (“Improved Cook Stoves)

Mirt Stoves is used for both baking injera (Ethiopian staple food which is used as a main dish) and for cooking at the same time. It is made of a sand-cement mixture and can save up to 50% fuel compared to the traditional three stone stove with a thermal efficiency around 25%. Mirt stove has enormous potential for conserving natural resources while at the same time saving cooking energy expenditure, improving in-door air quality and reducing drudgery on women who are often responsible for collecting firewood and preparing the meals.


Ethanol stove

Ethanol stove is a viable alternative in satisfying the cooking energy. It has the potential to deliver multiple benefits which includes but not limited to improved health and financial savings at the household level; foreign exchange savings at the national level (by substituting imported kerosene and stove); job creation and reduced deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Grean World has modified the design used for kerosene stoves to stoves that can be used using ethanol fuels.


Ethanol Fuels

Grean World has long term relation with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation. As one of the Corporation’s distributors of ethanol fuels, the company buys the fuels from various sugar factories which are managed and administered by the sugar corporation. These fuels are bottled in our facility and distributes to the retailers and end users. Customers are served at the retail outlets and give up the empty bottles or jericans and buy the filled and sealed one.